Sunday, 22 July 2012

Notepad 4.0 Pro - Out Now!!

This is a really usefull app to take notes at work / college or take notes of whatever you like! with this easy to use app! it is very simple to create a note and save it and edit it later on.
Simple - Fast - Reliable!

DownloadNotepad 4.0 Pro

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Police Lights Android Free! apk

This is just a free version of police lights to get sounds and more light effects consider buying the premium which costs the lowest android market allows. (Search for Police Lights Premium) it is well designed and will fit any screen. thank you :) keep your support coming and check our other apps too.
----------- Entertainment purposes only -------
Download and become a cop! turn the lights off and set your mobile brightness to full and enjoy the lights!
> Move to SD
> 4 Modes to have fun with
> Real LIKE light animations!
Up coming updates will include more lights and make this app the top in Android Market! have fun ;) and be safe!
Download Link: Police Lights

Gta iv cheats Android App

GTA IV cheats! for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360!
Have fun using them :)

Download link: Gta iv cheats

The Copter Android

Introducing The Copter most additive game on android! can you be the first one on ranking board?? then what you waiting for get downloading.
-The Copter is a classic game were your aim is simple! Just Fly and avoid the objects that come in the way! and reach the highest score possible, this game is easy to play,
-- Online Scores
-- Fast paced game play
powered by AndEngine and Openfient
Download Link: The Copter Android

Notepad 4.0 Android


This is a really usefull app to take notes at work / college or take notes of whatever you like! with this easy to use app! it is very simple to create a note and save it and edit it later on.
Simple - Fast - Reliable!
Download Link: Notepad 4.0

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Police Lights Premium Android

Police Lights Premium

██ Please note these lights are created for entertainment purposes only, please use them in safe place and not on roads while driving , this can get you in trouble.
███████ ✰ Simulated police lights LED flashing lights ✰ ██████
► A really cheap police lights application to fool your friends when they driving crazy ;) just watch out you don’t use it in front of police! These lights are very bright at night! Just try the free version to see how bright they are!
► We only made this app for users who would like to support us in developing great applications! We have great projects lined up! So get buying ;) price is lowest android market allows!!
► These are Real like simulated police lights that are based on real simulation of police lights, these lights are not like any other lights you downloaded because they are lots of fun with great sound effects and many lights to play with.
This app features 10 types of lights listed below in detail:
✔ Mode 1 Single Flash: This mode flashes the lights two times then changes to another colour and also has sound.
✔ Mode 2 is based on the UK police (Blue Lights) and flash left to right and has UK police siren.
✔ Mode 3 is side by side lights (Blue, Red) and they flash 2 times quickly before changing these lights are mainly when police is chasing a car, includes two sounds, one by touching the screen.
✔ Mode 4 has dual lights this means it will play Red and Blue together (In and Out) creating a really nice simulation and includes sounds.
✔ Mode 5 is also has dual lights but this time does a different simulation and no sound, will be added in later version.
✔ Mode 6 has 3 Red lights with sound that flash in a simulation left to right in medium pace.
✔ Mode 7 is when police car is parked with two lights flashing at same time after a short time and includes sound that matches with the lights.
✔ Mode 8 has Red and Blue which go left and right quickly creating a great simulation and has sounds.
✔ Mode 9 is just a mixer of colors which are really bright like the lights and its great fun!
✔ Mode 10 is WHITE and BLUE lights which look really cool and fit the full screen! also with playing sound.
This application is supported on all mobiles and works well with devices with screen-size 3.5inch ++.

Smart Wifi Scanner Android

Smart Wifi Scanner

Classic Wi-Fi Scanner for Android! better then anyother scanner on market! :D Your feedback will make it even better!
Ability to scan Wi-Fi connections around you and display them in Real-Time! that's not all, this application is able to detect Ad Hoc Mode connections (You cannot connect to it, however google search and you will be able to enable it, soon android will enable this in there next update), which are not visible to built-in WiFi Manager and you can connect to networks!
have fun scanning! and don't forget to leave us rating.

--------------- Keywords ------
'Wifi scanner','free wifi scanner','wifi','wifi scan','best wifi scanner','smart wifi,'wifi Finder','wifi real time','android wifi'.

Download: Smart Wifi Scanner

Crazy Driver Android HD

Crazy Driver Android HD

Crazy Driver Android, can you reach first place on the score card?
Crazy Driver is a classic 2D game for android with realistic roads to drive on, crazy Driver features fast paced gameplay and have lots of fun! This game also has online score system where users can score higher to be on top!! can you make to top? ;) then give this game a try!
Mission: Your Goal is simple! Driving your car as far as possible! but remember the far you go the more diamonds you will collect this means more score! ;) Collecting diamonds in a row will give you double or triple the score! but missing one will give you back to normal rate! Good Luck!
** Realistic Graphics
** Fast Gameplay
** Diamonds to collect
** Endless Gameplay!
** Online scoring system!
and much more!
Your Feedback is welcome! and if you would like to support the developments please installed the Pro version which offers no adverts.
This game needs 4 permission which are required by a Social SDK (Swarm Connect).
Note: This game will gun best on high-end devices! for example Galaxy S / S2 and other high-end devices! But will work with all mobiles so you can install it if you can see this text.
This game is powered by AndEngine and Swarm.