Monday, 13 October 2014

Pets Online -Virtual Pets Game

Our new game
Pets Online is a virtual pets game where you can buy ,own and sell other pets like a fantasy team. You play the game to compete with other users to see who will get the most coins and who will be top on the leaderboard. This game requires you to buy and sell pets to gain coins and earn diamonds which can be used to shop. 

Bobby Run - a endless runner game free on android

Get it free on google play

Coin Crush - 3match apk

Like candy crush? you will love this, get it free from goolge play

Police Lights 2 apk - Android Free apk

Police Lights 2 apk get it from Google Play 

Guide The Ball - android game

Like Flappy Bird! get free on Google Play:

Saturday, 14 June 2014

iBasketball apk

How many goals can you score in 99s, with online leaderboards and using realistic physics.
Simple game where your aim is to score as much as possible in 99s.
Get on the leader-board beat other live players be number 1.
--- How to play --
-- Pull and Let go to shoot the ball
-- wait for next ball
-- get more points when you score in a row

Download iBasketball i99 Now Free for android

Flop Ball, flappy bird like game for android

Number one android game and features online scores with unique players, all cheat free and hack free, play and be on 1st. 
------- How to play -----
-- Tap screen to Bounce/flap Up
-- Ball will fall down when not tapping the screen
-- Avoid hitting into any objects By flapping up
# HD graphics
# Easy to play
# Very challenging, once you get hang of it
# No sign ups to submit score, just use your Google+ login safe and secure to submit scores
# Small files size and smooth gameplay
# similar controls to flappy games
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Epic Jump android game

EPiC Jump is most Addictive on android, aim of the game is to jump and collect the coins without hitting the objects, challenge people around the world with online scores, be the first on leaderboard! tired of playing floppy bird, city jump, temple run or city run games then try this much harder and challenging, fast paced gameplay, very use to play by just tapping on the screen. uses google play services to store score so no need to sign up,
-- How to play --
-- Tap the screen to jump
-- try not to hit any objects
-- collect coins to get access to next pipe

Coin Crush - 3match , Saga candy rush like game

====== *How to play *=====
1: Select a coin, or swipe it
2: swap with a coin on left , right, top or bottom
3: match 3 coins to get points
4: Reach the required points before the time
With 300 stages and progress is shown on how far you are to completing the game, each stage has 1 to 3 stars which can be gained by doing the level fast as possible

Download link for Android: 2.3+ phones

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Tiny Elite Commando Free Android

Out now! Tiny Elite Commando

You are trapped in a place where no one can help you, fight your way out by fighting different creatures in every level which you have to fight in order to get to the next level. The aim of the game is to survive as long as possible by fighting the creatures to the next level, each level gets harder. Challenge yourself in this fun, free game by seeing how long you will last...
-- Guns
-- Monsters
-- Over 100 levels
-- Free
-- Easy to play
-- Tablet support

Friday, 24 January 2014