Thursday 12 April 2012

Smart Wifi Scanner Android

Smart Wifi Scanner

Classic Wi-Fi Scanner for Android! better then anyother scanner on market! :D Your feedback will make it even better!
Ability to scan Wi-Fi connections around you and display them in Real-Time! that's not all, this application is able to detect Ad Hoc Mode connections (You cannot connect to it, however google search and you will be able to enable it, soon android will enable this in there next update), which are not visible to built-in WiFi Manager and you can connect to networks!
have fun scanning! and don't forget to leave us rating.

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Download: Smart Wifi Scanner


  1. I have ad-hoc network at home and can successfully connect laptop to PC. But this wi-fi scanner didn't see this ssid :(

  2. I like this scanner and it's information on this post. mimo antenna manufacturers & buy wifi antenna


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